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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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wagewage and salary structurewage arbitration
wage billwage categorywage control
wage costswage determinationwage differentials
wage earnerwage employmentwage equation
wage escalation clausewage expenditurewage freeze
wage incentivewage incentive planwage index
wage lagwage paidwage pressure
wage rateswage scalewage settlement
wage sheetwage systemwage tax
wage unitwage workwage-cut
wage-workerwages and hours legislationwages and salaries
wages in kindwages scalewaiver
waiver clausewaiver of obligationswaiver of prohibitions
waiver of rightwaiver of right...want
want of goodswant of moneywant of stock
want satisfactionwants and needs of the consumerwar economy
warewarehousewarehouse bond
warehouse capacitywarehouse dueswarehouse keeper
warehouse manwarehouseingwarrant
warranted growthwarranted rate of growthwarrantor
waste assetswaste coefficientwaste money
waste of capitalwaste of labourwaste of material
waste productswaste utilizationwasted capacity
wastefulwasteful resource allocationwater resources development
water shipmentsway-billweak market
wealthwearwear and tear
weighing coefficientweightweight base
weighted arithmetic averageweighted averageweighted basket
weighted by regional composition of export and importweighted distributionweighted mean
weighted price indexweighted price numberweighted sampling
weighting methodsweights and measureswelfare
welfare benefitswelfare compensationwelfare economics
welfare functionwelfare paymentswelfare services
welfare statewell assorted stockwell-capitalized
Western industrial economysWFCWFP
white collar employeeswhite-collar employeeswhite-collar workers
wholesalewholesale and export houseswholesale business
wholesale housewholesale marginwholesale market
wholesale pricewholesale priceswholesale store
wholesale tradewholesalerwholly
wholly fully owned subsidiarywholly manufactured goodswholly owned subsidiary
wholly unemployedwide-collar productivitywidening gap between the developed and the developing countries
wild-cat strikewindfall profitswinding-up
windowwindow dressingwindow shopping
withdrawwithdraw a creditwithdraw an order
withdraw depositswithdraw from circulationwithdrawal
withdrawal benefitwithdrawal of capitalwithdrawals of gold
withdrawn fundswithholdwithholding taxes
workwork accidentswork activitys
work allocationwork by the daywork by the piece
work collectivework for hirework for line
work forcework in processwork in progress
work intensitywork loadwork measurement
work on loanwork overtimework schedule
work standardizationwork stationwork study
work study manwork taskwork ticket
workerworker's councilworker's crew
worker's gangworker's self-managementworker's suggestions
worker's teamworkers on shot timeworkers placement
workers profit sharingworkers self- managementworking
working abilityworking agreementworking assets(s)s
working capacityworking capitalworking capital (cash, notes and accounts receivable,
working conditionsworking costsworking cycle
working expendituresworking hoursworking load
working lossesworking methodworking of a patent
working orderworking periodworking place
working populationworking securityworking shift
working standardworking yearworkman's compensation
works demand noteworks fundworks manager
worldWorld bankworld commerce
world economic outlookworld economic situationworld economic survey
world economyworld Food Councilworld Food Programme
world food securityworld food situationworld food stocks
world marketworld market pricesworld market rates
world monetary situationworld payment situationworld prices
world productionworld tradeworld trade equilibrium
world-wide noveltyworthworthiness
write-offwrite-off bad debtswrite-off for tear and wear
write-off ten-off valuewritten down costswritten off costs
written off value  

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