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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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vacation payvalidvalidation
valuationvaluation basketvaluation of fixed funds
valuevalue a liquidationvalue added
value added componentvalue added taxvalue and volume of exports
value and volume of importsvalue appraisementvalue at border
value at liquidationvalue balancevalue data
value engineeringvalue export f.o.b.value exports F. O. B.
value flowsvalue import c.i.f.value indicators
value indicesvalue of a variablevalue of capital
value of crop soldvalue of external tradevalue of foreign trade
value of importsvalue of productionvalue of shipments
value of year-end inventoryvalue premisesvariability
variablevariable capitalvariable exchange
variable expensevariable expensessvariable inputs
variable levysvariable outlaysvariable quantity
variable zonevariancevariation
variation in pricesvariation of pricesvariations in the determinants of growth
variedvaried stockvariety
varyvary directly as...vary inversely
VATvaultvault cash
velocityvelocity of moneyvend
vendiblevendible coalvending
vending machinevendorvendor delivery
vendueventureventure capital
venturerventures with local participationvertical
vertical expansionvertical integrationvessel
vessel documentsvessel tonvessels launched
vessels under constructionvestvested capital
vested interestsviable economyvictimization
video aidsvillage industryviolent fluctuations
visible balancevisible consumptionvisible stocks
visible supplyvisible trade deficitvisible trade of balance
vitalvital industriesvital rates
vital recordvital recordsvital register
vital requirementsvital statisticsvital statisticss
vocationvocationalvocational education
vocational guidancevocational hygienevocational perfectioning
vocational schoolvocational teachersvocational training
volumevolume for businessvolume index
volume of businessvolume of constructionvolume of imports
volume of outputvolume of productionvolume of shipments
volume of trafficvolume pricevolume production
volume salevolume salesvolume weight
voluntary depositsvoluntary export constraintvoting shares
vouchvouch expensesvoucher

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