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Финансовый словарь
Экономический словарь
Словарь бизнес-терминов
Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
sacksafesafe customer
safe investmentsafe land usesafeguard
safeguard clausesafeguard goods attachedsafeguard local industries against outside competition
safeguard measuresafeguard principlesafeguard provision
safetysafety arrangementsafety coefficient
safety engineeringsafety factorsafety margin
safety specificationssalariedsalaried employee
salaried employeessalaried mansalaried managers
salaried officerssalaried servantsalaried staff
salaries accountingsalarysalary and wages of locally recruited staff
salary earnerssalary incrementssalary level
salary ratessalary scalesalary scales and allowances
salary scales andallowancessalary workerssalarys accounting
salarys of international staffsalesale branch
sale by commissionsale for cashsale on credit
sale on the job lot basissale pricesaleable
saleable articlessaleable obligationssaleex-factory
sales accountsales agentsales cartel
sales contractsales costsales force
sales forecastsales managersales outlets
sales pressuresales promotionsales representative
sales taxsales valuesalvage
salvage valuesamplesample area
sample censussample coefficientsample data
sample designsample methodsample size
sample surveysample unitsampling
sampling averagesampling errorsampling method
sampling ratiosampling unitsatisfy
satisfy a claimsatisfy an agreementsatisfy an obligation
satisfy demandsaturation pointsave
save expendituressavingsaving account
saving and loans associationsaving banksaving bonds
saving clausesaving depositssaving energy
savings accountsavings banksavings deposit
savings institutionsscalescale down
scale economyscale economysscale effect
scale of assessmentsscale of assessments for the apportionment of the expenses of thscale of assessments for the financial years...
scale of chargesscale of investmentscale of living
scale of operationscale of wagesscale up
scantscant demandscant means
scant supplyscanty supplyscarce
scarce goodsscarce inputsscarce raw materials
scarcityscarcity of moneyscarcity of supplies
scarcity of supplysscarcity pricescarcity value
scatterscattered consumerscattered consumption
scenarioscheduleschedule items
schedule maintenanceschedule of post adjustmentsschedule work
schedulingschemescheme of preferences
school yearscientific advancesscientific adviser
scientific and technical achievementsscientific communityscientific management
scopescope for investmentscope of activity
scope of an inquiryscrapscraping
screeningscreening procedurescreening procedures
SDRSDR denominatedSDRs 3 million
sea-borne shippingsearchsearch file
search file of patentssearch reportsearch report patents
seasonseason fluctuationsseason index
season tradeseason unemploymentseason variation
seasonal analysisseasonal fluctuationsseasonal labour
seasonal unemploymentseasonal variationsseasonal, cyclical and trend price movement
seasonally adjustedseasonally adjusted dataseasonly adjusted
seatseat of activityseat of business
seat of the companysecondsecond-best
secondary activitysecondary Eurocurrency marketsecondary liquidity
secondary marketsecondary productionsecondary products
secondary strikesecondhand durablesssecondment
sectorsector analysissectoral interests
sectoral investmentssectoral planningsectorial rates of growth
sectorial studyssecular movementsecular stagnation
securesecure an ordersecure foreign currency
secure profitssecureed loanSecurities and exchange Commission SEC
securities holdingssecurities marketsecurity
security brokersecurity capitalsecurity interest
security of tenuresecurity portfoliosecuritys analyst
securitys and Exchange Commissionsecuritys brokersecuritys holdings
securitys salessecuritys yieldseed capital
seed capital loansself assessment tax systemself-
self- actingself- adjustingself- balancing
self- cancelling itemself- consumptionself- contained
self- correction of exchange rateself- cost priceself- employed farmers
self- employed owners of businessself- employed professionalsself- financing enterprises
self- financing organizationsself- liquidatingself- management
self- relianceself- returning depositsself- service
self- service storeself- sufficientself- sufficient farming
self- sufficient nationself- sufficient regionself- supporting population
self- supporting unitself- sustained growthself-assessment tax system
self-canceling itemself-cancelling itemself-correction of exchange rates
self-cost priceself-costssself-employed
self-enumerationself-financing enterprisesself-financing organization
self-generating business cyclesself-help principleself-liquidateing loan
self-liquidateing purchasesself-liquidating loanself-liquidating purchases
self-made entrepreneurself-managementself-regulating equilibrium
self-returning depositself-sufficient farmsself-supporting unit
self-sustained economyself-sustained growthsell
sell a bill of goodssell at a cost pricesell at a discount
sell at a losssell at a premiumsell below cost
sell hardsell readilysell retail
sell short for future deliverysellerseller's market
sellers' marketsellers' pricesselling
selling an administrative expensessselling arrangementsselling cost price
selling costsselling costs per unitselling outlays
selling priceselling rateselling value
semi-semi- annualsemi- automatic drawing rights
semi- finished goodssemi- finished productssemi- manufactured goods
semi- productssemi- sensitive importssemi- skilled
semi-automatic drawing rightssemi-durable goodssemi-sensitive import
semi-sensitive listsemi-skilled laboursemiluxuries
semiskilled workersseniorsenior partner
senior stockseniorityseniority pay
seniority rightssensitivesensitive goods
sensitive importssensitive listsensitivity
sensitivity analysissensitivity testseparation
separation payseparation paymentsequestration
serialserial numberserial production
service ability of productservice benefitservice charges
service conditionsservice dataservice department
service equipmentservice exportsservice fees
service importsservice industryservice industrys
service instructionservice labour forceservice life
service manualservice markservice pension
service shopservice speedservice staff
service stationserviceabilityserviceability of goods
serviceableserviceable lifeserviceing staff
services of landservices pricesservices provided by improvements
services to visitorsservicetradesservicing
servicing facilitiesservicing of debt principal and interestset
set -upset backset of activities
set of activitysset of coefficientsset of preferences
set up an accountsets of datasetting
setting in motionsetting up new industrial capacitiessetting up of buffer stocks within the framework of commodity ar
settlesettle a claimsettle a debt
settle a differencesettle an accountsettle compensation by ...
settle compensation by lawsettle disputesettlement
settlement accountsettlement departmentsettlement house
settlement of a debtsettlement of an accountsettlement price
settlement ratesettlement termsSeven Sisters
severanceseverance compensation paysevere
severe competitionsevere losssextile
shadowshadow capacityiesshadow prices
shadyshady dealshare
share capitalshare croppershare holder
share holders meetingshare holders' interestshare in a business
share in the profitshare indexshare market
share of stockshare warrantshareholders interest
shares subscribed...sharingsheet
sheltered marketshiftshift boss
shift engineershift indexshift man
shift mastershift taskshift work
shifting investment patternshifting of man powershifts of commodity flows
shipship of 1000 tons burdenshipment
shippershippingshipping advice
shipping agencyshipping companyshipping conference
shipping costsshipping dayshipping documents
shipping instructionsshipping lineshipping lines
shipping ordershipping seasonshipping ton
shock workshopshop around
shop chairmanshop committeeshop cost
shop managershop officeshop overhead
shop ping centershop ping hoursshop ping list
shop priceshop stewardshop training
shop transportationshop workshop-keeper
short allowanceshort cutshort cut method
short dateshort handshort interest
short interest rateshort lifeshort loan
short run productionshort tonshort-handed
short-run analysisshort-run cyclical swingsshort-term (foreign) funds
short-term and long-term capital movementsshort-term appointmentshort-term assets(s)s
short-term creditshort-term debtshort-term deficit
short-term forecastingshort-term forecastsshort-term projection
short-term ratesshort-time employmentshortage
shortcomingsshortfallshortfall in wheat production
shortterm capital advances to the rest of the worldshot-term ratesshutdown
sicksick leavesick list statistics
sick-list statisticssick-paysick-voucher
sicknesssickness benefitsickness insurance
side-lineside-line-productionsight liabilities
simplesimple analytical developmentssimple arbitration
simple correlationsimple interestsimple quantity
simple regressionsimple reproductionsimple sample
simplexsimplex methodsimulation
simulation modelsimulatorsingle
single actionsingle controlsingle cost
single digit inflationsingle faresingle part production
single ratesingle resource countriessingle sampling
single standardsingle systemsingle tax
single unit enterprisesingle-child plantssingle-entry book-keeping
single-payment loanssingle-plant firmsingle-use goods
sinksink a debtsink in price
sink into povertysinkingsinking fund
situs problemsize distribution of enterprisessize distribution of firms
size of establishmentsize of the economysize of the market
skew distributionskillskill differential
skill formationskill mix of the labour forceskill requirements
skill-intensive productsskilledskilled labour
skilled tradeskilled workerslack
slack capacityies useslack demandslack economy
slack periodslackenslackening in the rate of economic growth
slacknessslackness of businessslashing
slidingsliding scalesliding scale prices
sliding scale tariffsliding-scale pricesslow
slow assetsslow downslow down strike
slowing downslowness of businesssluice-gate price
slumpslump in demandslump in price
slump inflationsmallsmall business
small demandsmall entrepreneursmall grains
small industrysmall maintenancesmall match production
small-scale industrysmall-scale productionsmaller contributors
SmithsonianSmithsonian rate structureSmithsonian realignment
snakesocialsocial actions
social assistancesocial assistance grantssocial benefits
social consumptionsocial consumption fundssocial contributions
social costsocial differentiationsocial escalator
social facilityssocial funds for consumptionsocial hygiene
social insurancesocial investmentsocial legislation
social mobilitysocial opportunity cost of laboursocial opportunity value
social overhead capitalsocial owner-shipsocial property
social rankingsocial relationssocial security
social security benefitssocial security paymentssocial security system
social servicessocial set-upsocial statistics
social statussocial time discountssocial wants
social wealthsocial welfaresocial welfare measures
social welfare policysocial-accounting methodssocialist
socialist communitysocialist economysocialist emulation
socialist integrationsocialist marketsocialist organisation
socialist planningsocialist relationssocialist way of life
soft business conditionssoft creditssoft currency
soft demandsoft lendingsoft loan
soft moneysoft technologysoft terms
soft windowsoft-waresoft-ware cost
softnesssolesole agency
sole corporationsole licencesole license
sole ownersole proprietorshipsole representative
sole rightsolvencysolvent
sound budget proceduresound investmentssoundness of a loan
source of supplysources and uses of fundssources of data
sourcingspacespace heating
space locationspace planningspan of mortgage
sparespare capacityiesspare capital
spare no expensespare partsspare the time
sparingspatialspatial distribution of economic activity
spatial flows of commodities and populationspatial juxtaposition economysspatial location
spatial planningspatial relationsspatial spread
spatial unitspecialSpecial drawing rights
special dutyspecial facility to extend credits and subsidize interest chargespecial financial appropriation
special planningspecial purpose programmespecial temporary assistance credit
special transit duesspecialisationspecialisation in production
specialist managersspeciality cropsspecialized agencys
specialized cropsspeciespecie payment
specie pointspecificspecific capacity
specific lossspecific outputspecific weight
specificationspecification limitspecification of quality
specifications performancespecified farm expendituresspeculation
speculativespeculative gainsspeculative production
speedspeed upspeed-up system
spendspendingspending pattern
spending unitspendt timesphere
spin-offspin-off firmspiralling costss
spiralling pricespirit of enterprisesponsor
spouse allowancespreading out of investment projectssquare root mean
stabilization fundstabilizestabilizer
stable consumer wantsstaffstaff department
staff managerstaff of the Secretariatstaff reduction
staff requirementsstaffingstaffing requirements
stage of expansionstages of economic growthstagflation
stagnant economystagnationstagnation of business
stagnation of economystampstamp paper
stamp taxstand-bystand-by arrangement
stand-by arrangementsstand-by chargesstand-by credit
stand-by equipmentstand-steel provisionstand-still clause
stand-still principlestandardstandard accounting practices
standard accountsstandard apportionment techniquestandard articles
standard contractstandard coststandard costing practice
standard costssstandard errorstandard foods
standard International Trade ClassificationStandard International Trade classification (SITC)Standard international Trade Classification SITC
standard measurestandard methodsstandard necessaries of life
standard necessities of lifestandard of livingstandard of price
standard of well-beingstandard outputstandard practice
standard procedurestandard residential populationstandard stock
standard timestandardizestandardized budget of production and earnings
standardized coefficient ratestandardized commodity(ies)standardized consumption pattern
standardized system of national accountsstandards of accommodation for official travel of UN staff by aistandards of consumption
standards of guidancestandards of managementstandards of planning
standards of safety in the transportation of goodsstandby capacityiesstandby credit
standingstanding bodystanding committee
standing invitationstanding orderstanding price
standing timestandstillstandstill clause
standstill principlestandstill provisionstaple
staple cropsstaple dietstaple exports
staple foodstaple pricesstart
start upstartingstarting expenses
starting periodstarting pricestarting rate
starting wagestatestate enterprise
state farmsstate monetary and fiscal measuresstate of the art
state of the marketstate procurementstate-owned enterprises
statedstated dividendsstated office hours
stated salarystatementstatement analysis
statement of accountstatement of chargesstatement of costs
statement of equipmentstatement of financial implicationsstatement of requirements
statement of requirements by department and officestatic circular flow modelstatic model
statisticalstatistical abstractstatistical agency
statistical analysisstatistical appraisalstatistical authorities
statistical compilationsstatistical discrepancysstatistical economist
statistical facilitiesstatistical facilitystatistical framework
statistical handbookstatistical knowledgestatistical measures
statistical populationstatistical predicatestatistical probability
statistical problemstatistical processingstatistical sampling
statistical seriesstatistical surveystatistical treatment
statistical un- certaintystatistical uncertaintystatistical unit
statistical weightstatisticsstatus
status goodsstatus of the accountstatute
statute of associationstatute of liminationstatute roll
statute-rollstatutorystatutory depreciation charges
statutory lawstatutory obligationsstatutory requirements
steady developmentsterilization of preferencessterling area
stockstock accountingstock bill
stock brokerstock companystock exchange
stock holderstock in treasurystock insurance company
stock investmentstock issuestock level
stock marketstock market performancestock model
stock movementsstock of capitalstock of capital goods
stock of moneystock of ordersstock of un- finished investment undertakings
stock of unfinished investment undertakingsstock optionstock piling
stock pricestock promotionstock record
stock remainderstock status reportstock subscription right
stock turnoverstock-holder's equitystock-intake ratio
stock-takingstocking arrangementsstocks of assets(s)s
stocks of inputstocks of inputsstocks of outputs
stopstop deliverystop-gap credit
stoppagestorable commodity(ies)storage
storage capacitystorage chargesstorage costs
storage facilitiesstorage facilitysstorage fee
storage goodsstorage on handstorage service of enterprise
storage transportstorestore house
store keeperstore of valuestore room
store unitstored accumulated errorstored error
stores requisitionstraightstraight bill of lading
straight linestraight line depreciationstraight loan
straight piece ratestraight piece wagestraight-line method of depreciation
straight-time ratestraining of capacityiesstrains
stratified samplingstrikestructural
structural adjustmentstructural changesstructural comparison
structural concentrationstructural designerstructural engineering
structural industriesstructural industrysstructural sectors
structural transformationstructural unemploymentstructure
sub-licensesubcontractingsubmission of returns
subrogation of rightssubscriptionsubscription of stock
subsets of accountssubsidiarysubsidiary company
subsidiary earningssubsidiary farmingsubsidiary individual holdings
subsidiary industrysubsidiary ledgersubsidiary legal entity
subsidiary moneysubsidiary plantssubsidiary production
subsidiary shopsubsidisesubsidized exports
subsidysubsidy accountsubsidy for interest on borrowed funds
subsistencesubsistence agriculturesubsistence allowance
subsistence consumptionsubsistence economysubsistence farmer
subsistence farmingsubsistence farmssubsistence level
subsistence minimum wagesubsistence outputsubsistence production
substandardsubstantive staffsubstitute
substitute goodssubstituted datasubstitution
substitution accountsubstitution effectsubstitution of foreign goods for domestic
substitution ratesubstitutions among inputssufficient disclosure
sufficient disclosure of inventionsumsummary
summary book-keepingsummary datasummary standards
summary tablesummary-standardssunk costss
superannuatesuperannuationsuperannuation fund
superannuation pensionsuperintendsuperintendence
supervisorysupervisory boardsupervisory control
supervisory trainingsupplementsupplementary
suppliersupplier of technologysupplies of the capital
supplysupply a demandsupply a need
supply a wantsupply agenciessupply agreement
supply and disappearance of grainsupply and disappearance of...supply and disposition of goods and services
supply bottlenecksupply constraintsupply constraints
supply curvesupply depotsupply fixity of land
supply functionsupply of moneysupply price
supply statisticssupply-demand situationsupply-side assumption
supply-side economicssupply-sidersupport
support of pricesupport pricesupported by charity
supported pricesupported ratesupporting data
supreme economic authoritysurchargesurplus
surplus accountsurplus capacityiessurplus commodities
surplus countriessurplus earningssurplus economy
surplus fundsurplus fundssurplus labour
surplus on current transactionsurplus on current transactionssurplus population
surplus producesurplus profitsurplus value
surrender the balance of appropriationssurtaxsurvey
survey designsurvey of current businesssurveyor
surveys of the salary ratessurvivor benefitsurvivors pension
suspendsuspend an accountsuspension
suspension of businesssuspension of convertibilitysuspension of the gold standard
sustainsustain a losssustain able
sustain employmentsustain growthsustained benefits
sustained expansionsustained growthsustained growth of the world economy
swapswap creditsswaps
sweatsweat-shopsweated labour
swing creditswing the marketswitch
switch dealerswitch overswitchings of jobs
syndicatesyndicate a loansyndicated loan
synoptic tablessynthetic accountingsystem
system designersystem of adjustments to benefits in paymentsystem of economic equilibrium
System of national AccountsSystem of National accounts (SNA)system of notation
system of private enterpriseSystem of Social Demographic statisticssystem of Social-Demographic Statistics
system specific technologysystem-to-system comparisonsystematic
systematic errorsystems approachsystems designer

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