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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
radio servicerailrail consignement note
rail consignment noterail shipmentsrailways freight traffic
raiseraise a claimraise a loan
raise charityraise fundsraise money
raise money on somethingraise takesraise taxes
raise to a powerrallyrandom
random distributionrandom errorrandom experiment
random numbersrandom samplerandom sampling
random sampling errorrandom valuerandom variable
rangerange of deviationrange of error
range of patternsrange of stabilityrange of variation
range of yield fluctuationsrankranked data
rankingraterate at the close of the day
rate cuttingrate discriminationrate of accumulation
rate of capacityies utilizationrate of capital formationrate of change
rate of consumptionrate of deliveryrate of delivery of a program
rate of depreciationrate of discountrate of discounting
rate of dividend on sharesrate of effective protectionrate of exchange
rate of growthrate of interestrate of investment
rate of issuerate of loadingrate of pay
rate of profitrate of protectionrate of replacement
rate of returnrate of return on assets(s)srate of return on stock-holders equity
rate of salaryrate of savingrate of tariff
rate of turnoverrate of turnover of inventoryrate of unemployment
rate scalerate settingrate slashing
rate warrate-slashingrated
rated capacityrated powerrated value
rates of assessmentrates of chargesrates of investment
rates of wagesratingratio
ratio of capital replacementratio of capital to labourratio of capital to output
ratio of corporate liquidityratio of current assets to current liabilitiesratio of fixed assets to net worth
ratio of labour to outputratio of margin to salesratio of net profits to net worth
ratio of plant to net worthratio of profit to salesratio of reserves to liabilities
rational userationingrationing arrangements
ratios of capital costssrawraw cotton
raw dataraw materialsraw produce
raw productsraw riceraw sugar
reach ceilingreadingready
ready cashready madeready money
realreal accumulationreal assets(s)s
real balancereal estatereal estate bank
real estate loanreal estate mortgagereal estate tax
real estate trustsreal goodsreal income movement of remuneration
real investmentreal propertyreal resources
real retail salereal retail salesreal saving
real-estate marketreal-time computerrealignment
realistic planrealizationrealization of goods
receipient countryreceipient of technologyreceipt
receipt bookreceiptsreceipts and expenses
receipts from and payments on investmentreceipts from custom duties taxes and other protective measuresreceipts of factors of production
receipts taxreceiptss and expensesreceiptss from custom duties taxes and other protective measures
receiptss of factors of productionreceiptss taxreceivable
receivable-payable basis of accountingreceivablesreceive goods into custody
receiverreceiver of technologyreceiving
receiving actreceiving staterecession
recession in demandrecessionaryrecessionary tendencies
recipient countriesreciprocalreciprocal clause
reciprocal concessionsreciprocal contractreciprocal credit lines
reciprocal principlereciprocal privilegesreciprocal provision
reciprocal trade agreementreciprocal valuereclaim
reclaim capital goodsreclaim landreclamation
reclamation of barrenreclamation of barren landreclamation of land
reclassifications of postsrecompensereconcile
reconcile accountsreconcile classificationsreconcile total inflow and total outflow
reconciliationreconciliation of totalsreconstruction
recordrecorded datarecorded output
recorded unemploymentrecords managementrecover
recover damagesrecover debtsrecovery
recovery of damagesrecovery phase in the cyclerecreation services
recreational facilityrecurrentrecurrent expenses
recurringrecurring costsrecurring costss
recurring debtrecyclerecycling
recycling crisisrecycling of oil revenuesrecycling of petrodollars
recycling of wastesrecycling of wastsred
red inkred meat consumptionredeem
redeem a debtredeem the currency in goldredemption
redemption dateredemption of debtredemption price
redemption valueredeployment of staffreduced price
reducing balancereducing balance depreciationreduction coefficient
reduction in staffredundant equipmentrefered liabilities
referencereference bookreference cycle
reference datareference datereference language
reference performancereference periodreference posted price
reference pricereference providing information systemreference retrieval
reference standardreference yearreference-providing information system
refinancerefinancingrefinancing of past debts
reflationary measuresreflationary policyrefugee capital
refundrefund departmentrefund the excess amounts paid
refunding issues of securitiesrefunding issues of securitysrefuse any credits
regional and subregional advisory servicesregional duty equalizationregional interests
regional patternregional premium rateregional premium rates
registerregister of propertiesregister of propertys
register of shareholdersregister officeregister ton
registered (authorized) capitalregistered capitalregistered mail
registered securitysregistered trade markregistered unemployment
registrationregistration feeregistration fee of a patent
registration is required at establishmentregistryregression
regression analysisregression by semilogarithmic trendsregression equation
regressiveregressive levysregressive tax
regular budget assessmentsregular establishmentregular labour
regular labourerregular lending programmesregulation
regulatory agencysrehabilitaterehabilitation
reimbursereimbursementreimbursement of expenses
reimbursement of national income taxationreimbursement of overhead costsreinvest
reinvestmentreinvestment allowancereinvestment allowances
reinvestment of profitsrejectreject a bid
reject a claimreject goodsrejected goods
relativerelative amount of costsrelative costs
relative efficiencyrelative errorrelative indicators
relative pricesrelative sharereleasable debt
reliabilityreliability of estimatesreliability of statistical data
reliable datareliable figuresrelief
relief catrelief from finerelief fund
relief worksrelieveremain
remain flatremain on handremainder
remaining life of equipmentremissionremission of a claim
remission of taxesremittanceremittance of royalties
remittance of royaltyremittance scheduleremittance shedule
remittances for payments of profit of private foreign investmentremote controlremove an attachment
remunerateremunerationremuneration assets
remuneration for over-time and for work on Sundays and public horemuneration of collective farm membersremuneration of labour
remunerativeremunerative businessremunerative price
remunerative workrender an account againstrenegotiation of debt
renewal fee of a patentrenewal schemesrent
rent controlrent strikerent-free
rentalrental agencyrental rate
rental ratesrental valuerental value of owner-occupied dwellings
rented farmrented landrenter
rentierreopen exchange marketreorganized budget statements
repairrepair a damagerepair a loss
repair and maintenancerepair billrepair depot
repair partsrepair shoprepairing shop
reparationreparation of lossrepatriate
repatriate dividendsrepatriate profitrepatriated bond
repatriated bondsrepatriationrepatriation of capital
repatriation of foreign investmentrepatriation of profitrepatriation of profits
repatriation rightsrepayrepayable
repaymentrepayment in kindrepayment in product
repayment of debtrepealrepeal of a patent
repeated unemploymentreplacereplaceable
replacementreplacement cost method of depreciationreplacement cost of capital
replacement cost of equipmentreplacement costsreplacement cycles
replacement fundsreplacement investmentreplacement of capital items
replacement of lossesreplacement partsreplacement reserve
replenishreplenish the stockreplenishment
replenishment of stockreportreport of the board
report on budgetary situationreport on the accountreported data
reportingreporting formreporting period
reporting systemreporting unitreporting year
repossessrepresentative datarepresentative sample
reproducereproducible assets(s)sreproductible
reproductionreproduction costss of in-session documentationreproduction process
reproduction raterepudiationrepudiation of a contract
repudiation of a debtrequestrequest for payment
request for respiterequirementrequirements of the market
requisiterequisite capitalrequisition
resaleresale priceresearch
research and development (R & D)research grantresearch project
research-intensive productsreservationreservation of a right
reservation of profitsreservereserve allocations
reserve balancereserve balancesreserve capacity
reserve capacityiesreserve capitalreserve currency
reserve for bad debtreserve for debt redemptionreserve for depreciation
reserve for doubtful accountsreserve for extensionsreserve fund
reserve fund investmentsreserve fundsreserve holdings
reserve positions in IMFreserve pricereserve ratio
reserve stocksreserve title to the goods in the sellerreserves for taxes
residenceresidentresident abroad
resident alienresident companyresident population
residentialresidential buildingresidential construction
residential landresidential quartersresidential rental
residual demandresourceresource allocation
resource developmentresource endowmentresource industry
resource poor countryresource use patternsresources derived from the sea
resources endowrespiterespite days
respondentrest ofrest of the world account
rest of the world commodity accountrestitutionrestriction
restrictiverestrictive business practicesrestrictive clause
restrictive conditionrestrictive exemption clauserestrictive marketing arrangements
restrictive monetary policyrestrictive trade practicesrestructure
restructuringresulting flowsresulting salary scales
retailretail businessretail charges
retail goodsretail marginretail market
retail priceretail saleretail sales
retail storeretail traderetail trade system
retail trade turnoverretailingretailing charges
retailing costss per unit of salesretailorretain
retained earningsretained importretained net profit
retainerretaining feeretaliation
retentionretireretire a bill
retirementretirement allowanceretirement benefit
retirement of assetsretirement of assets(s)sretirement of bonds
retirement of securitiesretirement of securitysretirement pay
retirement pensionretrainingretraining grants
retraining of workersretrenchmentretrospective balance
returnreturn cargoreturn fare
return on equitiesreturn on equitysreturn to the factor
returns to factors of productionrevaluationrevaluation of assets(s)
revaluerevalue of assetsrevenue
revenue accountrevenue bondsrevenue curve
revenue dutyrevenue officerrevenue stamp
revenue tariffreversereverse engineering
reverse preferencesreverse transfer of technologyreversion
reversion of rightsreversion of rights to...revised scales of salaries
revocationrevocation of a licencerevocation of a license
revocation of a patentrevocation of investment permitsrevolving
revolving capitalrevolving creditrevolving fund
rewardrice, rough basisright
right the balance of paymentrights under guaranteerigidity in prices
rising (falling) business activityriskrisk capital
risk managerrisks of investmentrival
rival firmrival supplyroll
roll over a debtrolling adjustmentrolling capital
rolling over of a debtrolling planrolling stock
roughrough balancerough design
rough estimaterough shapingrough work
roughly comparablerounding errorrounding of data
routineroutine dutyroutine maintenance
routine managementroutine of workroutine order
routine practiceroutine workroyalty
ruleruleing pricerules of origin
ruling pricerunrun a business
run businessrun idlerun of items
run of the marketrun on a bankrun on coffee
run on costsrun on rubberrun-on-costss
runaway corporationsrunaway inflationrunning
running accountrunning expensesrunning expensess
running inventoryrunning maintenancerunning practice
running repairsrural electric cooperative (co-op)rural population
rural-urban movementrush season 

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