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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
labour agreementlabour coefficientlabour conditions
labour consultantslabour consuminglabour contract
labour cost savinglabour costslabour discipline
labour disputelabour efficiencylabour exchange
labour expenditurelabour expenselabour force
labour force balancelabour force movementslabour grade
labour inputslabour intensivelabour issue
labour lawlabour lawslabour legislation
labour length of serviceslabour management relationslabour market
labour matterslabour migrationlabour mobility
labour occupational safetylabour organizationslabour outlays
labour productivitylabour protectionlabour rate setting
labour ratinglabour relationslabour requirements
labour savinglabour saving machinerylabour saving technological progress
labour scarcitylabour serviceslabour situation
labour skilllabour specialistslabour spy
labour statisticslabour supplylabour theory of value
labour turnoverlabour turnover ratelabour unit cost
labour-saving capitallabour-saving processed foodslabourer
lack of comparabilitylack of coordinationlading
laglag behindlag coefficient
lag of expenditures behind receiptslaggedlagged variables
lagginglagging populationlags and lead
lags in incomelags in the flow of goodslaid delivery
laid-up shiplaissez-fair-laissez-passerland
land and soil classification and rating systemland and soil inventory and evaluationland cadastre
land capabilityland capability classification systemland classes
land developerland developmentland development costs
land economiesland evaluationland grant
land grant collegesland improvementland in production
land inputsland investmentland nationalization
land priceland productivityland rent prices prevailing in the market place
land rentalsland resources by use and gradeland suited for cultivation
land tenureland under cultivationland use
land use patternsland userland uses
land valueland with a long farming historyland-grant colleges
land-output ratioland-use systemslanded
landed aristocracylanded capitallanding policy
landlordlanguage allowancelapse
lapse of an offerlapse of patentlarge capital equipment
large-scalelarge-scale dismissallarge-scale equipment
large-scale industrylarge-scale investmentslarge-scale map
large-scale programmeslarge-scale projectlarge-scale social programme
large-scale-productionlarger contributorslast price
last-hired - first-fired marginal workerslast-in-first-out accounting (LIFO)last-in-first-out system
laterallateral dischargelatest reading
lattice samplinglawlaw clerk
law enforcementlaw firmlaw merchant
law of contractslaw of demand and supplylaw of diminishing marginal utility
law of downward-sloping demandlaw of propertylaw of the sea
law-merchantlaylay out
lay up a vessellay-offlaying off
laying off of worklaying outlayoffs
layoutlayout of a districtlayout of equipment
layout of workleadlead time
lead-time in investmentleaderleader hand
leader personnelleader suppliersleading personnel
leading priceleaselease holding
leased landleased propertyleasehold
leasehold deedleaseholderleaser
leasingleasing arrangementleasing fees
leasing operationsleasing systemleast costs
least costs equilibriumleast costs through factor substitutionleast-cost output
leaveleave of absenceleave office
leave without payledgerlegal
legal adviserlegal and natural personslegal constitution of the company
legal entitylegal expenseslegal person
legal reservelegal statisticslegal structure
legal tenderlegally bindinglegally imposed construction standards
legitimatelegitimate demandslegitimate heir
lendlend leaselend long
lend moneylend on goodslend-lease
lend-lease settlementlenderlender of capital
lendinglending agencylending institution
lending institutionslending limitslength
length of lifelength of life of assets(s)slength of service
letterletter of attorneyletter of consent
letter of creditletter of guaranteeletter of indemnity
letter patentlevellevel of activity
level of aggregationlevel of assessmentlevel of business activity
level of consumer incomelevel of establishmentlevel of living
level of remunerationlevel of the budgetlevel of the requirements
level of the working capital fundlevel the landleveled land
levylevy subsidy schemeliabilities
liabilities-to-net-worth-ratioliabilityliability for damage
liability for loss or damageliability of indemnityliability reserve
liableliberal licensingLIBOR
librarylibrary for damagelicence fee
licence holderlicenselicense agreement
license feelicense holderlicense of right
licensed auditorlicensed capacitylicensee
licensinglicensing agreementlicensing company
licensing of trade markslicensorlife
life annuitylife assurance companylife expectancy
life expectancy a businesslife insurancelife insurance annuity
life interestlife longlife of assets
life of assets(s)life of machinelife table
life table of physical equipmentlife table of physical propertylife tables of physical equipment
life tables of physical propertylife testlife time
life-insurance assets(s)light weight materialslimit
limit of accuracylimit of agelimit of error
limitationlimitation of actionlimited
limited clauseslimited liability companylimited line store
limiting clauselineline balance
line balancingline controlline diagram
line holderline of businessline of credit
line of goodsline of industryline of profession
linearlinear extrapolationlinear functions
linear modellinear programminglinear rate depreciation
linear system of managementlinked demandlinking
linking methodliquidliquid assets
liquid assets(s)liquid capitalliquidate
liquidated damagesliquidationliquidation business
liquidation of debtsliquidation of the businessliquidity
liquidity creationliquidity crisesliquidity needs
liquidity policyliquidity positionliquidity preference
liquidity ratiolistlist of casualties
list pricelist priceslisted securities
live capitallive weightlive weight basis
livestock numberlivingliving space
living wageloadload in bulk
loaded deadweight ... tonloadingloading capacity
loading orderloanloan at short notice
loan businessloan capital (loan stock, debentures)loan contract
loan debenturesloan in defaultloan in savings associations
loan interestloan interest rateloan market
loan participationloan policyloan prolongation
loan servicingloan sharkloan society
loan stockloans in defaultloans raised upon bonds
locallocal (national) commodity(ies)slocal accounts
local authoritieslocal borrowing ceilinglocal equity
local equity participationlocal governmentlocal industrial union
local industrylocal investmentlocal labour
local level salaryslocal marketlocal materials
local participationlocal postslocal potentialities
local raw materiallocal requirementslocal reserves
local unionlocalitylocalization
localization economyslocallylocally incorporated enterprise
locally incorporated into pricelocally recruited stafflocally taxable income
locationlocation analysislocation of production
location of the investmentlocation theorylocational decision making
lock in cashloco pricelogistic
logistic curvelogisticallogistical problems
logistical supportlogisticslong
long gestation enterpriseslong lifelong shore men
long Tonnelong-run social needslong-term
long-term assetlong-term forecastinglong-term forecasts
long-term investment decisionslong-term planninglong-term programme
long-term projectionlong-term projectionslong-term rate
long-term recruitment planninglong-term suppliers' creditslong-term trend
long-term unemploymentlonger construction cyclesloose
loose planloose standardlop-sided development
lop-sided distributionLorenz curvelose
lossloss accountingloss and gain account
losses and gains in exchangelosses and productionlosses on exchange
lotlot productionlow of diminishing returns
low-pressure economylow-wastelower wants of man
lower-valued cropsluck of job securitylucrative
lucrelumplump gold
lump of moneylump sumlump sum amounts
lump sum subsidylump sum taxlump together all expenses
lumpsum awardluxuryluxury tax

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