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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
half grosshandhand made
hand to-mouthhand workhand-to-mouth buying
handbookhandicrafthandicraft industry
handing agenthandlehandle the credit
handlinghandling agenthandling capacity
handling chargehandling equipmenthandling time
hands wantedharbour accommodationharbour authorities
hardhard cashhard credits
hard currencyhard labourhard lending
hard moneyhard workshard-core
hard-core developing countrieshard-core unemploymenthard-ware
hardwarehardware costhardware costs
harmonizing the interestshauling costsshave money on loan
hazardheadhead of a family
head officehead quartershead tax
head workmanhead-quartersheading
healthhealth centershealth certificate
health educationhealth facilitieshealth hazard
health hazardshealth insurancehealth protection
health servicehealth statisticsheaviness
heavyheavy casualtiesheavy crop
heavy debtsheavy dutiesheavy duty
heavy duty equipmentheavy duty machineheavy engineering
heavy expensesheavy fuelheavy industry
heavy lossheavy marketheavy order
heavy repairheavy serviceheavy taxes
heavy traffichedgehedge against contingencies
hedge patentshedging patentshidden
hidden costshidden inflationhidden profit
hidden reservehidden unemploymenthigh
high capacity machinehigh capital costhigh capital costs
high cost of moneyhigh credithigh efficiency
high employment budgethigh employment economyhigh farming
high financehigh finishhigh finish goods
high grade merchandise producthigh livinghigh money
high officehigh powerhigh pressure economy
high pressuredhigh priced labourhigh quality
high seasonhigh speed computerhigh speed of operation
high speed repairhigh-demand policyhigh-geared wage system
high-investment economyhigh-levelhigh-powered money
high-speed computerhigh-speed operationhigh-waste
higher profit cropshighest bidderhighly package transfer
hirehire moneyhire purchase
hire-purchasehire-purchase salehired
hired labourhired manhiring
hiring hallhistorical costshistorical data
historical priceshistorical serieshoard
holder in due courseholder of technologyholding
holding and maintaining costs of stocksholding capacityholding company
holding of more than one professionholdingsholiday
holiday payholiday-makerholidays with pay
holidays without payhome economicshome industry
home markethome officehome produce
home rulehome-madehome-work
horizontalhorizontal agreementhorizontal bar chart
horizontal expansionhorizontal integrationhorizontal transfer
horse-powerHorticultural and Forestry Industry Training boardhospitality allowance
hospitality costsshospitality expenditureshospitalization insurance
hot money movementshotel reservationhourly
hourly earningshourly expensesshourly pay
hourly wage rateshourshours of attendance
hours of exchangehours paid forhours worked
househouse dayhouse keeper
house organhouse-keepinghouse-keeping expensess
house-to-~ sellinghousebuilderhousehold
household applianceshousehold assets(s)shousehold budget
household consumption expenditureshousehold durable goodshousehold durables
household establishmenthousehold expenditureshousehold goods
household machineryhousehold operationhousehold output
household productionhousehold requirementshousehold saving
household sectorhousehold statisticshousing
housing accommodationhousing accommodationshousing census
housing constructionhousing developmenthousing estate
housing spacehousing startshousing statistics
housing stockhousing unithuman
human and social scienceshuman capitalhuman capital formation
human engineeringhuman labourhuman organization
human relationshuman-consumershuman-producers

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