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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
gaingain sharinggainful
gainful employmentgainful occupationgainful workers
gainfully occupied populationgainingsgains in the capital fund
galloping inflationganggang boss
gang foremangangedgap
gap in the balancegap in the datagarnishment
garnishment of wagesgaugegauged
general (operating) expensessgeneral accountantgeneral accounting
general administrative expensessgeneral agencygeneral agent
general Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)general averagegeneral business situation
general cargogeneral census of populationgeneral commission agent
general crop farmgeneral crop farmergeneral economic equilibrium
general employmentgeneral engineeringgeneral equilibrium
general equilibrium of labour marketgeneral estimategeneral expenses
general expenses itemsgeneral factorgeneral farms
general foremangeneral fundgeneral government (in SNA)
general government sectorgeneral government servicegeneral labour
general layoutgeneral least cost substitution principlegeneral ledger
general managergeneral meetinggeneral office
general overhaulgeneral overheadgeneral price level
general public services (in SNS)general purpose computergeneral purpose type
general reportgeneral service departmentgeneral service posts
general shipgeneral storegeneral strike
general stuffgeneral system theorygeneral temporary assistance
general term(s)general theorygeneral totality
general unit of accountsgeneral workergeneral-overhead-type costss
generalizegeneralized financing agreements for stocksgeneralized preference system
generategenerate employmentgenerateing in bulk
generationgeneration timegeological examination
geometricgeometric averagegeometric average of prices
geometric distributiongeometric meangestation period
giftgift taxgilt-edged securitys
giveaway programmesglobalglobal average target
global communication systemglobal permitglobal quota
global quotasglobal slumpglobal total
glutglutted marketGNP
go into blackgo to money market for fundsgo under-
goinggoing businessgoing concern
going rategoing valuegoing wage
goldgold backinggold bullion clause
gold clausegold covergold exchange monetary
gold exchange monetary systemgold exchange standardgold flows
gold inflowgold linkgold parity
gold pointgold pointsgold pool
gold reservegold reservesgold reserves drain
gold standardgold stockgold substitutes
gold tranche drawing rightsgold-bullion clausegold-exchange monetary system
gold-exchange standardgold-value clausegood
good (risk) debtorsgood bargaingood delivery
good officesgood ordinary brandgood title
good willgoodsgoods carried
goods entering international tradegoods entering world tradegoods in circulation
goods in danger of being attachedgoods in processgoods in transit
governancegoverninggoverning by objectives
governmentgovernment activitysgovernment assets(s)s abroad
government consumptiongovernment consumption expenditure (in SNA)government debt
government deficitgovernment employeegovernment enterprise
government interventiongovernment promotiongovernment receipts
government receiptssgovernment regulationgovernment securities
government services (in SNA)government spendinggovernment take
government workersgovernmental non-interference with businessgrace
grace periodgrace period of a loangrade
grade of qualitygrade testinggraded
graded a taxgradinggraduate
graduate course an economics (mathematics)graduate studentgraduated income tax
graduationgraduation curvegraduation work
graingrain basisgrain bill
grain equivalentgrain exchangegrain in bulk
grain poolgrain supplygrant
grant a patentgrant an allowance (discount)grant credit
grant delaygrant elementgrant element (in development assistance)
grant element in development assistancegrant element of aidgrant-back provision
grant-in-aidgranting stategraph
graph of workgraphicgraphic chart
graphic modelgraphic schedulegratis
gratuitousgreenbackgrey market
greyhound systemgrievancegrievance committee
grossgross accumulationgross additions to fixed capital
gross amountgross assetsgross assets(s) formation
gross average hourly earningsgross balancegross base salary scale
gross coefficientgross datagross domestic investment
gross domestic productgross domestic product (GDP)gross domestic product at factor cost
gross domestic product in purchasers' value (marketing value)gross earningsgross error
gross exportgross fixed capitalgross fixed capital formation
gross industrial productiongross interestgross interregional money flows
gross investmentsgross liabilitiesgross margin
gross measuregross national productgross national product (GNP)
gross national product deflatorgross of ...gross operating income
gross outputgross private domestic investmentgross proceeds
gross productgross profitgross receipts
gross remunerationgross rentgross retention
gross returngross revenuegross sales
gross social productgross value addedgross weight
grossfixed capital formationground rentground water exploration and development
groupgroup Agroup B
group bonus wage plangroup factorgroup incentive
group insurancegroup medicinegroup of Ten (Paris Club)
group task rategroup wagegrouping
grouping criteriongrowgrowth
growth composition analysisgrowth curvegrowth potential
growth rategrowth recessiongrowth stock
growth targetgrowth target (rate)growth theory
guaranteeguarantee commitmentguarantee fund
guarantee periodguarantee testguaranteed annual wage
guaranteed creditguaranteed farm pricesguaranteed hourly rate
guaranteed royaltyguaranteed royalty paymentguaranteed wage rate
guidelineguiding price 

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