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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
backback a loanback country
back flowback freightback interest
back payback shiftbacker
backlogbacklog in housingbacklog of debts
backlog of demandbacklog of licencesbacklog of orders
backlog of workbackwardbackward bad debt
backward debt reservebackward debts insurancebackward management
backwardnessbadbad bargain
bad debtbad debt reservebad debts insurance
bad managementbailbailee
balancebalance (total,summary) columnbalance accounts
balance available in surplus accountbalance costbalance cost (value)
balance in handbalance methodbalance of (the) account
balance of accountbalance of appropriationsbalance of appropriations shall be surrendered
balance of claimsbalance of claims and liabilitiesbalance of debt
balance of direct investment flowbalance of fixed assetsbalance of goods and services
balance of industrial enterprisebalance of international indebtednessbalance of long term capital flow
balance of manpowerbalance of merchandise tradebalance of money income and expenditure of the population
balance of payment accountbalance of paymentsbalance of payments position
balance of payments statementbalance of servicesbalance of short-term transactions
balance of shot-term transactionsbalance of the accountbalance of the estimate
balance of tradebalance of transfers and grantsbalance of U.S. official reserve assets
balance of visible tradebalance of working timebalance on current account
balance on depositbalance on net liquiditybalance on transfers and grants
balance outbalance sheetbalance sheet data
balance sheet entriesbalance sheet itemsbalance sheet of money relations
balance sheet of national wealthbalance the booksbalance value
balance value (cost)balance-sheet entrysbalance-sheet items
balanced budgetbalanced distributionbalanced expansion of the world economy
balanced growthbalanced industrial developmentbalanced industrial structure
balanced planbalanced samplebalances of all unpaid assessed contributions
balances with foreign banksbalancingbalancing entry
balancing item (entry)balancing itemsbalancing the production capacity
balebanband chart
bankbank accommodationsbank account
bank adjusterbank auditingbank automation
bank balancebank branchsbank clearings
bank communitybank credit linebank deposit velocity
bank discountBank for International settlementsbank guarantees
bank issuebank of circulationbank of issue
bank ratebank returnbank service charge
bank statementbank stockbank-holidays
bank-notesbankedbanker's acceptance
banker's bankbankers' commercial creditsbanking business
banking communitybanking costsbanking facilitys
banking interestsbanking supportbankrupcy
bankrupcy proceedingsbanks clearing housebans on trade
bar chartbar diagrambar graph
bare necessitiesbargainbargain money
bargain salebargained feebargaining
bargaining strengthbarterbarter payment arrangements
barter transactionbasebase charge
base database industrybase magnitude
base metalsbase of the post adjustment systembase period
base pricebase ratebase scales
base scenariobase timebase year
base year coefficientsbase-period pricesbasic
basic account in balance of paymentsbasic activitysbasic aggregate
basic assetsbasic commoditiesbasic data
basic documentbasic feebasic funds depreciation
basic materialsbasic pointbasic rate
basic researchbasic salarybasic services factor
basic services sectorbasic standardbasic studys
basic tablebasic target pricebasic value
basisbasis concept of supply and demandbasis of assessment
basis pointbasketbasket of goods
batchbatch productionbe drained of funds
be fully bookedbe heavily bookedbe in the black ink
be in the redbe initially estimatedbe liable for damages
be off-dutybe on full paybe under articles
be worthbearbear charges
bear expensesbear interestsbear market
bearerbearer checkbearer securities
bearer securitysbearer sharebearing no interest
bearish operationbearish outlookbed-rock price
beginning and end of year balancebeginning and ending valuesbeginning budget
behaviourbehaviour of pricesbelow capacity
belt systembelt system productionbenchmark
benchmark coefficientsbenchmark databenchmark year data
benefit societybenefits derived from voluntary depositsbenefits foregone
benevolencebest estimatebest output
best-profit outputbest-profit scale of outputbias
bias upwardbiasedbiased estimate
bidbid pricebid quotation
bid upbidderbidding
biennial budget cyclebigbig Board
bilateral agreement on labour recruitmentbilateral assistancebilateral quotas
billbill drawn against grainbill holding
bill holdingsbill marketbill of acceptance
bill of costsbill of exchangebill of fare
bill of goodsbill of imprestbill of lading
bill of materialsbill of parcelsbill of sale
bill of sufferancebill payablebill receivable
bills in handbinary systembind
bind dutiesbindingbirth and death rate of businesss
birth rankblackblack leg
black marketblack-coated workersblank
blank billblank creditblanket
blanket priceblanket regulationblind entrys
blockblock allocationblock of shares
block policyblocked accountblotter
blueblue collar employeesblue-chip shares
blue-collar productivityblue-collar workersblue-ribbon
blueprintboardboard meeting
board of Customs and Exciseboard of Exchequerboard of health
board of Tradeboard of Treasuryboarding
boarding cardboarding houseboarding school
bodybody corporatebogus
bogus chequebogus companybonanza
bondbond borrowingbond debt
bond financingbond interest chargesbond issue
bond marketbond of indemnitybond rate
bond yieldbondedbonded (in bond) processing industrial projects
bonded debtbonded goodsbonded storage
bonded warehousebondholderbonds outstanding
bonusbonus fundbonus job
bonus planbonus schemebonus stock
bonus systembookbook account
book balancebook keeperbook keeping
book pricesbook spacebook space (room, ticket)
book valuebook value of equipmentbook value of land
book-keepingbooking confirmationbooking(s)
booking(s) confirmationbooking(s) office (box)books must be authenticated
books must be authenticated by ...boomboost
bootlegbootleg wagesborrow
borrow short (short borrowing)borrowed capitalborrower
borrowingborrowing ceilingborrowing costs
borrowing countryborrowing demandborrowing in the form of interest paying Government bonds
borrowing on promissory noteborrowing powerborrowings abroad
borrowings within the regionbottleneckbottleneck in capacity
bottombottom pricebounty
brainbrain bankbrain drain
brain workbrain workersbrain-drain (exodus)
branchbranch bankbranch business
branch business of a main concernbranch companiesbranch companys
branch establishmentbranch of activitybranch of business
branch of economic activitybranch of industrybranch office
branch plantbranchs of productionbrand
brand namebrassbreach
breach of contractbread-earnerbreak
break clausebreak in the cyclebreak the contract
break with a firmbreak-evenbreak-even costs
break-even pointbreak-even-chartbreak-even-point
break-in periodbreakagebreakdown
breakdown by countries (by sex and age)breakdown gangbreakdown of capital by type of asset
breakdown of machinebreakdown of servicebreakdown of the Bretton Woods monetary arrangements
breakdown repairbreaking bulkbreeding stock
brisk demandbrokerbrokerage
brokingBrussels Trade nomenclatureBTN
bubblebudgetbudget and tax procedure
budget balancebudget balancerbudget estimates
budget formatbudget indexbudget inspection
budget of time studybudget of working timebudget performance
budget preparationsbudget presentationbudget statistics
budget surplusbudget tablesbudget underrun
budget yearbudgetarybudgetary aid
budgetary aid allocationsbudgetary estimatebudgetary financing
budgetary periodbudgetary provisionsbudgetary requirements
budgetary shortfallbudgetary transfersbudgeted cash variable expensess
budgeted fixed costssbudgeted or actual annual summary of earningsbudgeting
buffer poolbuffer stock financing facility (IMF)buffer stocks of primary commodities
builderbuildingbuilding and assembly works
building and constructionbuilding contractorbuilding costs
building cyclesbuilding engineerbuilding expenses
building foremanbuilding inspectionbuilding licensing
building materialsbuilding of inventoriesbuilding office
building permitsbuilding plotbuilding section
building startsbuilding tradebuilding up
buildup buildingbuilt-in obsolescencebuilt-in stabilizers
bulkbulk buyingbulk cargo
bulk carrierbulk freightbulk handing devices
bulk of consumer goodsbulk productbulk purchase
bulk salebulk-buyingbulk-line costss
bulkerbulky goodsbull market
bullionbullion pointbullish operation
burdenburden centerburden charges
burden of debt (indebtedness)burden of external debtburried
businessbusiness abilitybusiness accounting
business accountsbusiness activitybusiness administrator
business alliancebusiness analysisbusiness and personal services
business anticipationsbusiness assets(s)sbusiness barometers
business behaviorbusiness births and deathsbusiness calculations
business communitybusiness conditionsbusiness contractions
business control systembusiness criterionbusiness cycle
business cycle peakbusiness cycle peaks and troughsbusiness decision-making
business decisionsbusiness demandbusiness depression
business economistsbusiness enterprisebusiness establishment
business expansionbusiness expectationsbusiness expenses
business failuresbusiness fluctuationsbusiness forecasting
business groupsbusiness gyrationsbusiness hours
business interruptionbusiness investmentbusiness investments
business leadersbusiness leadership in a firmbusiness machines
business manbusiness mortalitybusiness of the day
business organizationbusiness paperbusiness period
business populationbusiness practicebusiness prospects
business quarterbusiness quartersbusiness recession
business recoverybusiness relationsbusiness sales
business savingbusiness savingsbusiness sector
business solvencybusiness stabilizationbusiness stamp
business statisticsbusiness statisticssbusiness stocks
business structure by industriesbusiness supply and demandbusiness taxes
business transactionbusiness transfersbusiness unit
business worldbusiness yearbusiness-management
business-managerbuybuy in quantity
buy-back pricebuy-back price of oilbuy-back prices of oil
buyerbuyer's marketbuyer's prices
buyer's ratebuyers exclusivebuyers rate
buyers' pricesbuyingbuying expense
buying habits of populationbuying patternby instalment
by semi- logarithmic regression trendsby the slumpby-laws

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