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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
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U. N. Joint Staff pension Fundultimateultimate capacity
ultimate consumerultimate costsultimate destination of imports
ultimate outputultimate reserveultimate use
ultimoumbrella contractumbrella project
UN personnel assessment planUN salary systemun-
un-allocable expendituresun-allocated inputsun-applied funds
un-appropriatedun-appropriated balanceun-appropriated funds
un-authorizedun-availability of exportable surplusun-balance
un-businesslikeun-cared-for chargesun-certainty of the exchange rates
un-claimed goodsun-covered moneyun-distributed industries
un-distributed profitsun-earned incomeun-economic farming units
un-efficientun-encumberedun-expended balance
un-favourableun-favourable balanceun-filled
un-filled ordersun-finishedun-finished goods
un-fitun-fit for consumptionun-funded debt
un-incorporated firmsun-limited liabilityun-limited liability partnership
un-loadun-manufacturedun-marketable goods
un-obligatedun-obligated balancesun-obviousness of an invention
un-organized labourun-packaged technologyun-packaged transfer of technology
un-packagingun-paid balanceun-paid interest
un-pegged pricesun-pegged ratesun-pledged property
un-pricedun-productive capitalun-profitable
un-ratedun-realizableun-recovered cost
un-remunerative jobun-requitedun-requited transfers
un-skilledun-skilled labourun-skilled production workers
un-skilled workersun-tenantableun-tied loans
un-warrantedun-watchedunadjusted data
unallocated inputsunbalanced economyunbiased estimate
uncertain marketuncollectable billsuncommitted balances of appropriations
uncovered moneyundated securitysunder maned
under reportingunder staffingunder-
under- bondunder- capacityunder- capitalized business
under- consumptionunder- counterunder- employed
under- employmentunder- employment equilibriumunder- estimate
under- estimation of dangerunder- estimation of lossesunder- invoicing
under- liquidityunder- loadingunder- maintenance
under- mannedunder- payunder- pinning of prices
under- pinnings of economic activityunder- pricingunder- privileged
under- produceunder- productionunder- rate
under- repairunder- sellunder- stock
under- utilization of production capacityunder- valuationunder- value
under- valued currencyunder-invoicingunder-pricing
underemployment equilibriumunderlaying dataunderprivileged countries
underrepresented countriesunderrununderstated balance
undertakeundertakingundervalued currency
underwriteunderwrite a stock issueunderwriter
underwritersunderwritingunderwriting rate
underwritting shareundeveloped landunearned profits
uneconomic small enterpriseunemployedunemployed capital
unemployed labourunemploymentunemployment benefit
unemployment exchangeunemployment insuranceunemployment insurance schemes
unemployment insurance statisticssunemployment rateunemployment relief
unemployment reserve fundunexpended balanceunexpended balances
unfairunfair business practiceunfair competition
unfair employment practiceunfair labour practicesunfair trade practice
unfair trade practicesunfilled ordersunincorporated enterprises
unionunion agreements on wages, hours and working conditionsunion closed shop
union contractunion ratesunion shop
unitunit capacityunit cost
unit labour costunit labour requirementsunit of a factor
unit of accountunit of accountingunit of capital
unit of enumerationunit of measureunit of observation
unit of plantunit of powerunit of production
unit of trafficunit powerunit price
unit value index of exportunit value index of exportsunit value index of import
unit value index of importsunit value of exportsunit value of imports
unit volumeunit weightunitary elasticity
united assistanceuniversaluniversal money
Universal Product code(s)university education for businessuniversity endow
unkeep costsunlimited liability partnershipunloading order
unmarketed outputunobligated balanceunpaid balance
unpaid family farm labourunpaid family labourunpaid liability fund
unpeg exchange rateunpeg the exchange rateunpegged exchange rate
unskilled labouruntied loanunused capacityies
unweighted averageup averageup-
up-appreciation of exchange ratesup-dateup-grading
up-to-dateup-trendup-valuation of exchange rates
up-ward movementup-ward pressure on pricesups and downs in growth
upward adjustmenturbanurban concentration
urban developmenturban fringeurban fringes
urban growthurban populationurban rehabilitation
urban renewal programsurgent aiduse
use factoruse valueused
usefuluseful effectuseful life
useful outputuseful serviceable activityuser
using-up of capitalusual wear and tearusurious
usurious rateusuryutilities
utilities industryutilities stockutility
utility certificateutility refuseutility waste

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