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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
F. O. B.fabricfabricate
fabricatedfabricated materialsfabricated parts
fabricateing worksfabricationface
face amountface valuefacial
facial accountfacilitatefacilitateing marketing agencies
facilitationfacilities and standards of servicefacility
facilitys and standards of servicefacilitys available for generation of powerfactor
factor analysisfactor combinationsfactor costs
factor costssfactor demandfactor earnings
factor endowfactor endowmentfactor incomes
factor inputsfactor intofactor markets
factor matrixfactor of meritfactor of proportionality
factor paymentsfactor pricingfactor remunerations
factor restrictionsfactor returnsfactor services
factor substitutionsfactor-price equilibriumfactor-~ analysis
factors marketsfactors of productionfactory
factory burdenfactory committeefactory costss
factory goodsfactory inspectorsfactory layout
factory ledgerfactory managementfactory outlet
factory overheadfactory sales branchfactory shipments
factory startsfactory wastefactory-made goods
failure to deliverfailure to payfailure to work a patent
fairfair competitionfair employment practice
fair employment practices commissionsfair pricefair prices
fair quantitiesfair returnfair supply
fair trade practicefair-labour-practice actsfalse declarations
familyfamily accounts statisticsfamily allowance
family allowancesfamily budgetfamily budget schedule
family budget studiesfamily budgetsfamily business
family enterprisefamily entrepreneurfamily farm
family industryfamily planningfamily settlement
family workersfaminefamine price
famine relieffarefarm
farm budget analysisfarm businessfarm business summary
farm capitalfarm capital goodsfarm enterprise
farm firmfarm foreclosuresfarm hand
farm handsfarm implement storesfarm implements
farm improvementsfarm incomefarm input suppliers
farm inputsfarm labourfarm land use
farm layoutfarm machineryfarm manager
farm mechanizationfarm operatorsfarm organization
farm parity ratiofarm performancefarm population
farm practicefarm pricesfarm prices support
farm produce assemblerfarm produce buyerfarm product processors
farm production inputsfarm production technologyfarm receipts, costs and profits
farm rentfarm resourcesfarm sector
farm servicesfarm statisticsfarm structures
farm surplusesfarm surplussfarm tenure status
farm workersfarm's gate-pricefarmer
farmers cooperative (co-op)farmers' producefarming
farming plantfarmlandfault
faultyfaulty goodsfavorable development environment
favourfavourablefavourable accounts
favourable balancefavourable balance of tradefavourable credit facilitys
favourable most treatmentfavourable passive accountsfavourable trade outlook
favoured treatmentfeasibilityfeasibility study
feasiblefederalFederal bank deposits insurance
federal budgetfederal combinesfederal employees
Federal excisefederal expenditureFederal reserve Bank
feefeedfeed back factor
feed conversion ratiofeed grainfeed grains
feed supplementsfeed suppliesfeed supplys
feed-backfeed-back channelfeed-back costss
feed-back effectfeederfeeder roads
feeding stuffsfeedlotfeedstock
fertilizer feedstockfidelity clausefiduciary standard
fieldfield accounts unitfield and headquarters staffing
field establishmentfield layoutfield local staff
field of applicationfield officefield operations
field researchfield salesmanfield service of personnel
field services UNfield tripfield work
field-handfield-level activitiesfigure
figure of meritfiguringfile
file a declaration of bankrupcyfile a patent applicationfile accounts
file an application for investmentfilingfiling date of patent application
filing feefill postsfinal balancing of all payments and receipts
final buyersfinal consumerfinal consumption
final demandfinal demand sectorfinal demand sectors
final feefinal marketfinal output
final payfinal portfinal product flows
final salvage valuefinal stages of distributionfinal use
final userfinal utility theory of valuefinance
finance commitmentfinance commitmentsfinance company
finance housefinancialfinancial and operative ration
financial assets and liabilitiesfinancial assets(s)sfinancial assets(s)s and liabilities
financial authorizationfinancial capitalfinancial contribution
financial credit instrumentsfinancial disclosurefinancial embarrassment
financial enterprisefinancial establishmentfinancial growth of industries
financial housesfinancial incentivefinancial incentive plan
financial institutionfinancial investmentfinancial management
financial planningfinancial positionfinancial pressure
financial ratingfinancial regulationsfinancial report
financial reportingfinancial resources for developmentfinancial sources of funds
financial standingfinancial statementfinancial strains
financial strainssfinancial stringencyfinancial target for the assistance programme
financial target for the budgetary requirementsfinancial targetsfinancial year
financially autonomous enterprisefinancingfinancing arrangements
financing of appropriationsfinancing of commodity buffer stocksfinancing of industry through the purchase of industrial securit
financing of inventorysfinancing of investmentfinancing of the budget
financing of the deficits of the balance of paymentfind marketsfine
fine-grained desaggregationfinishfinished
finished costsfinished fat cattlefinished goods
finished goods inventoryfinished manufacturesfinished material
finished outputfinished productfinished product stock
finished productsfinished stockfinishing
firefirmfirm liabilities
firm marketfirm namefirm of consulting engineers
firm pricesfirm specific technologyfirm-specific technology
firstfirst checkingfirst chop
first costfirst costssfirst hand
first optionfirst qualityfirst rate
first-hand informationfirst-in-first-out accounting (FIFO)first-in-~-out system
fiscalfiscal chargesfiscal cooperation
fiscal dragfitterfitters work
fittingfitting shopfive-year plan
fixfix exchange ratesfix prices
fixedfixed and variable costssfixed assets
fixed assets balancefixed assets(s)sfixed base index
fixed capitalfixed capital (land, buildings and equipment)fixed capital accumulation
fixed chargesfixed coefficientsfixed costs
fixed costss for land and structuresfixed equipmentfixed exchange rates
fixed expensefixed feefixed fee (patents)
fixed goodsfixed income securities (bonds)fixed input costss
fixed input-output coefficientfixed liabilitiesfixed outlays
fixed overheadfixed overhead chargesfixed overhead costs
fixed paritiesfixed paritysfixed prices
fixed rate of interestfixed raw materialsfixed royalties
fixed royaltysfixed samplefixed sample size
fixed term personnelfixed to total assets(s)s ratiofixed trading pattern
fixed unit costsfixed-income securitysfixed-point arithmetic
fixed-term appointmentfixed-term contractfixed-term personnel
flat chargeflat feeflat money
flat pathflat priceflat rate
flat sum taxflawfleet
flexibleflexible administration of ceilingflexible budget
flexible gangflexible tariffflight
flight 'from money'flight capitalflight from money
flight of capitalflight of the dollarfloat
float a companyfloat a loanfloatation
floatation of bondsfloatingfloating assets
floating assets(s)sfloating capitalfloating currency
floating debtfloating exchange ratesfloating funds in circulation
floating funds in operationfloating policyfloating population
floating ratesfloating-point arithmeticfloor
floor for minimum contribution set at ...floor principlefloor space
floundering national economysflowflow categories
flow chartflow dataflow diagram
flow lineflow line productionflow matrix
flow of commoditiesflow of consumption productflow of demand
flow of fundsflow of funds accountsflow of funds table
flow of material goodsflow of producers goodsflow of production
flow of real resourcesflow of trafficflow process chart
flow studiesflow-of-funds tableflows and stocks concept
flows and stocks in the economyflows and stocks of an economyflows between the production accounts of different industries
flows from insurance and grantsflows of goodsflows of money income
flows of servicesflows of technological knowledgeflows out of the region
fluctuatefluctuationfluctuation in exchange
fluctuation of demandfluctuation of marketsfluctuations in exports and imports
fluctuations in unemploymentfluidfluid fund
fluidityfluidity in securitiesfluidity of capital and labour
flushfollow-up investmentfood
food assistancefood basketfood consumption
food crisisfood expenditurefood grain
food grainsfood processing industryfood production
food productsfood programmefood shortage
food situationfood stamps systemfood staples
food supplyfoodstuffsfoot
foozlefor account of Mr. Xfor more detailed information see ...
for the purpose of adjustmentsfor want of...force
force account workforce down pricesforce majeure
force of menforce the marketforce to pay
force up pricesforce up the exchangeforced
forced labourforced saleforces of production
forecastforecast dateforecast horizon
forecast of national populationforecast periodforecast planning
forecast population numbersforecast yearforecaster
forecastingforecasting errorforecasting methods
forecasting of business activityforecasting of future developmentforeclose
foreclosureforegoing estimateforeign
foreign balanceforeign billforeign bill of exchange
foreign capital inducementforeign commerceforeign controlled company
foreign deficitforeign equityforeign exchange
foreign exchange constraintforeign exchange costforeign exchange costs
foreign exchange earningsforeign exchange holdingsforeign exchange permits
foreign exchange rateforeign exchange resourcesforeign going vessel
foreign investment incentive schemesforeign investment regulationforeign investment screening
foreign investment screening boardforeign investments supervisionforeign labour flow
foreign majority interestforeign minedforeign ownership ceiling
foreign participationforeign private investorsforeign remittances
foreign reservesforeign tradeforeign trade conversion factor
foreign trade deficitforeign-owned refugee capitalforfeit
forfeitureforfeiture of a patentform
form a companyformal contractsformal letter of awards
formationforms of business organizationforward
forward bill of exchangeforward contract for ~ deliveryforward contracts
forward deliveryforward momentumforward rate
forwarderforwardingforwarding agent
forwarding businessforwarding chargesforwarding fee
forwarding feesfoundfoundation
founderfour digit industryfractional currency
fragmentary informationframeworkframework of society
framework of studiesfranchisefranchise contract
franchise dealerfranchise taxfranchising
fraudfraudulentfraudulent bankrupt
freefree accessfree alongside ship price
free at border pricefree coin agefree depreciation
free enterprisefree enterprise economyfree entry
free exchange marketfree export processing zonefree export-processing zone
free goodsfree importfree imports
free industrial zonesfree into bunkerfree labour
free listfree marketfree of average
free of chargefree of debtfree on board
free on board pricefree on rail pricefree on truck price
free or partly controlled enterprise systemfree portfree private enterprise
free processing areafree surplus of turnoverfree trade
free trade areafree trade areasfree trade zone
free-enterprise countriesfree-frontier pricefreedom of contract
freelist bindingfreely convertible exchangefreeze
freeze wagesfreezingfreezing of means
freezing of wagefreightfreight collect (collect freight)
freight densityfreight forwarderfreight market
freight ratefreight servicesfreight settlement
freight trafficfreighterfrictional unemployment
fringefringe benefitfringe benefits
fringe urban population groupsfrontfrozen
frozen accountfrozen assetsfrozen credits
fuel and energy budgetfullfull capacity operation
full coveragefull employmentfull employment budget
full employment of labourfull employment outputfull employment policy
full life of buildingsfull loadfull power
full renovationfull repairfull size
full timefull unit capacityfull-employment equilibrium
full-service wholesalerfull-time jobfull-time man equivalent
full-time workersfully developed exchange economyfully paid
fully-owned farmfunctionfunctional
functional distributionfunctional improvementsfunctional layout
functional managementfunctional servicesfunctional specialization
functional type of organizationfunctionaryfund
fund in the pipelinefund of consumer good for salefund of consumer goods for sale
fund s in custody of ...fund-in-trustfund-raising campaign
funded debtfunding principlefunds in custody of ...
funds in handfunds provided fromfunds under or outside the program
furloughfuturefuture delivery
future deliverysfuture exchangefuture goods
future ordersfuturesfutures commodity
futures contractfutures marketfutures trading
futures turnoverfuturity 

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