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Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
Англо-Русский словарь финансовых терминов
a b c D e F g h I j k l M n o p q r s t U v w x y z
D/A documentary usance billD/P documentary usance billDAC
dailydaily allowancedaily average
daily paid staffdaily proceedsdaily receipts
daily receiptssdaily recorddairy products dry content
damagedamage certificatedamaged goods
damages paiddampendampened cycle
dampened oscillationdampening of pricesdata
data are not availabledata basedata collecting
data collection costssdata collection frameworkdata collection vehicle
data conversiondata conversion (translation)data handling
data handling proceduredata handling systemdata in
data inputdata limitationdata out
data problemsdata processingdata processing machines
data processing ratedata processing systemdata processing system (DP system)
data recordingdata remote processingdata retrieval
data smoothingdata stored in the central computerdata translation
datedate closingdate of delivery
date of paymentdate of sealingdate of the census
dayday bookday labour
day labourerday labourersday of entry
day offday rateday shift
day wagesday-to-~day-to-~ control
day-to-~ needsday-to-~ workdays of grace
de facto balancedeaddead beat
dead linedead lossdead season
dead stockdead timedead work
deadweightdeadweight... ton in ballastdeal
deal in carsdealerdealer discounts
dealer franchisedealers in securitiesdealers in securitys
dealingdealingsdear money
dearness allowancedeathdeath annuities
death annuitysdeath benefitdeath duty
death of equipmentdeath ratedebenture
debenture interestdebitdebit a sum against the account of ...
debit accountsdebit an accountdebit and credit
debit balancedebit debtsdebit entry
debit itemdebit Mr. X with 100$debt
debt consolidationdebt contracted on hard termsdebt conversation
debt creationdebt crunchdebt financing
debt limitdebt liquidationdebt management
debt marketdebt moratoriumdebt of defered maturity
debt of deferred maturitydebt outstanding as of January 1debt position
debt ratiodebt rearrangementsdebt relief
debt repaymentdebt reschedulingdebt retirement
debt servicedebt service obligationsdebt service payments
debt service ratiodebt servicingdebt servicing costs
debt servicing costssdebt servicing problemdebt surviving costs
debt-to-equity ratiodebtordebtor creditor relationships
debtor nationdebtor positiondecade averages
deceleratedecelerationdecennial census
decimal placedeclarationdeclaration of origin
declaration of paymentdeclared dividenddecline
decline in pricesdecline of export marketsdeclining
declining balances methoddeclining marginal efficiency of capital theorydeclining sectors of the economy
decontroldecontrol pricesdeductable
deductable costsdeductible costssdeduction
deduction from internal reproductiondeduction of 5 per centdeduction of expenses
deduction of expensessdeeddeed of conveyance
deed of receptiondeed on conveyancedeed to the house
default on bondsdefault on interestdefault on international obligation
defaulted securitiesdefaulted securitysdefaulting customer
defaultion bondsdefectdefective
defective competitiondefective productdefective work
defects listdefense billdefer
defer incomedefered demanddefered expenses
defered incomedefered liabilitiesdefered payment
deferred chargesdeferred paymentsdeferred shares
deficiencydeficientdeficient capacityies
deficient productdeficitdeficit areas
deficit financingdeficit firmdeficit of the account with the rest of the world
deficit spendingdeflatedeflated by cost of living index deflation
deflationdeflationarydeflationary actions
deflationary gapdeflationary measuresdeflationary policy
deflationistdeflationist policiesdeflationist tendencies
deflatordefraydefray expenses
defray expensessdegree of comparabilitydegree of concentration of control in individual industries
degree of diversificationdegree of processingdegree of substitution
dehoaringdelays in deliverysdelinquent
delinquent mortgagedelinquent rentdelinquent tax
deliverdeliverabledelivered price
delivered pricesdeliveringdelivery
delivery calldelivery of energydelivery order
delivery perioddelivery valuedemand
demand analysisdemand balancedemand bill
demand conditionsdemand constraintdemand constraints
demand curvedemand depositdemand deposits
demand equationdemand factordemand fluctuations
demand for inputsdemand functiondemand management
demand pricedemand pulldemand pull inflation
demand scheduledemand shiftsdemand slump
demand-and-supply curvesdemand-pull inflationdenomination
denominatordensitydensity of occupation
density of populationdensity of trafficdepartment
department costdepartment costsdepartment of Treasury
department statisticssdepartment storedepartmental
departmental statisticssdepartmentalismdependency
dependency allowancedependency ratiodependency status
dependentdependent spousedependent spouse allowance
depleted stocksdepletiondepletion allowance
depletion chargesdepletion deductionsdepletion of capital stock
depletion of resourcesdepletion reservesdeployment of personnel
depositdeposit accountdeposit balances
deposit banksdeposit insurancedeposit liabilities
deposit moneydeposit ratedeposit receipt
depositordepositorydepository functions of banks
depotdepreciabledepreciable value (cost)
depreciatedepreciated reproduction costsdepreciated value
depreciationdepreciation accountdepreciation accounting
depreciation allowancedepreciation at choicedepreciation base
depreciation chargesdepreciation expensesdepreciation fund
depreciation guidelinesdepreciation of currencydepreciation rates
depreciation reservedepressdepressed areas
depressed conditionsdepressed sectorsdepression
depression of the marketdepression of tradederived demand
derived target pricedesaggregationdesaggregation of data
desaggregation of gross commodity flows into types of commoditiedesaggregation of gross money flowsdesaggregation of the national account for production
descentdesigndesign automation
design feesdesign firmdesign load
design of experimentsdesign patentdesign schedule
design valuesdesignerdesigning firm
designs of sampling investigationsdesk-by-desk surveydesk-type computer
destinationdestination of outputsdestitute
destitute populationdetaileddetailed breakdown
detailed datadetailed estimatesdeterioration
deterioration of terms of tradedeterioration of the world economydeterminant
determinants of population growthdeterminants of supply and demanddetriment
developdevelop and maintain landdevelop market
developed landdeveloped market economicsdeveloped market economies
developed market economysdeveloped socialismdeveloping market economics
developing market economiesdeveloping market economysdevelopment
development areasdevelopment Assistance Committeedevelopment efforts
development financingdevelopment in compilation and related work in national accountsdevelopment lending
development of income measuresdevelopment of informationdevelopment of markets
development of national management personneldevelopment of new landdevelopment trends
differentialdifferential calculusdifferential duties
differential paydifferential pieceworkdifferential rates
differential time plandifferentiated commodity(ies)differentiation
digitdigitaldigital computer
digital controlled computerdigital processdilution
dilution of labourdimensiondimensionless
dimensionless valuediminishdiminishing
diminishing balance depreciationdiminishing productivitydiminishing return to scale
diminishing returnsdiminishing utilitydirect
direct comparisondirect consignmentdirect correlation
direct costsdirect crops variable expensesdirect expensess not provided for under the budget appropriation
direct importdirect informationdirect investment
direct labourdirect labour costdirect labour costs
direct materialdirect methoddirect observation
direct operating costssdirect refund of expendituredirect sampling
direct sellingdirect taxesdirect ties
direct workdirect workerdirect-to-scale
directiondirectional flows of populationdirector
disabilitydisability benefitdisability insurance
disability pensiondisableddisablement
disablement allowancedisadvantagedisagio
disappearancedisarrangementdisarrangement in economic relationships
dischargedischarge allowancedischarge from office
discharge of a contractdischarge of debtdischarge on the ground of redundancy
disclosuredisclosure of company accountsdisclosure of employment
disclosure of inventiondisclosure requirementsdisclosure rules
discontinuediscontinuitiesdiscontinuities of demand
discountdiscount housediscount market
discount pricesdiscount ratediscount store
discounted billdiscounted costsdiscounted costss
discounted marginal product of labourdiscountingdiscounting of future goods
discrepancydiscrepant datadiscretionary licensing
discriminatediscriminateing dutydiscriminateing tariff
discriminationdiscriminatorydiscriminatory discharge
discriminatory liberalization of tradediscriminatory pricesdiscriminatory restriction
discriminatory restrictionsdiscriminatory taxationdiseconomy
diseconomys of scaledisequilibriumdisincentives
disinflationdisinflation policydisintegrate
disintegrationdisintegration of economydisinvest
disinvestmentdisk storagedislocation
dismissdismiss casedismissal
dismissal from officedismissal paydismissal wage
disparitydispatchdispatch advice
dispatcherdispatcher's deskdispatching
dispatching connection systemdispatching officedispersion
displacedisplacementdisplacement of equilibrium
displacement of men by machinesdisplacement tonnagedisplay
disposabledisposable incomedisposal
disposal of assetsdisposal of assets(s)sdispossess
disproportiondisputedispute a claim
dispute committeedisquised unemploymentdisruption
disruption of scheduledisruption supplydissaving
dissolutiondissolution of a companydissolve
dissolve a companydistresseddistressed areas
distressed goodsdistressed sellingdistributing enterprise
distributiondistribution centerdistribution charges
distribution cost structuredistribution costssdistribution function
distribution marginsdistribution of property ownershipdistribution of wealth
distribution ratiodistribution statisticsdistribution statisticss
distribution theorydistributivedistributive characteristics
distributive chargesdistributive industriesdistributive mechanism
distributive servicesdistributive systemdistributive trades
diversification in type of wantsdiversification of exportsdiversification of imports
diversification of industrydiversification of industry productiondiversification of the economy
diversifydiversify cropsdiversify investment portfolio
diversify productiondiversify the economydiversity
divestmentdividenddividend and interest reserve
dividend in accountdividend warrantdividend yield
divisiondivision of labourdivision of work
dockage facilitydocumentdocumentary
documentary creditdocumentary report on prior artdole
dollar balancesdollar dumpingdollar equivalent
dollar gapdollar positiondollar to gold convertibility
dollar-based investmentdomesticdomestic accounts
domestic cash expenditure at factor costdomestic commercedomestic concept
domestic consumption patternsdomestic employmentdomestic financed capital formation
domestic investmentdomestic marketdomestic means of payment
domestic productdomestic product accountdomestic spending
domestic systemdomestic tradedomestically mined
domesticsdomiciledominant undertaking
donatedonate fundsdonation
donor-country contentdot chartdouble
double countdouble countingdouble cropped lands
double digitdouble digit inflationdouble digits
double entry book-keepingdouble entry systemdouble entry table
double figuresdouble samplingdouble shift
double stage sampledouble standarddouble table
double taxationdouble taxation agreementdouble-digit inflation
double-entry book-keepingdouble-entry social accountingdoubtful debt
down-pay 30%down-paymentdown-period
down-ward demand curvedown-ward plan revisiondown-ward supply curve
down-ward trenddownturn of a cycledownward adjustment
downward biasdownward plandowry
draftdraft animaldraft budget
draft designdraft guidelinesdraft on funds
drafting departmentdraftsmandrag
draindrain on reservesdraw
draw a billdraw money from the bankdraw on a account
draw on an accountdraw on somebodydraw on the fund in the amount of
draw on the reservesdraw the balancedraw up a contract
drawbackdrawback provisionsdrawing
drawing from special IMF facilities on concessional termsdrawing officedrawing potential
drawing rightsdrawing roomdrum storage
dry cargo tonnagedry goodsdry measures
dry-cardo shipdry-cargo shipdual-rate contract
duedue datedues
dues harbourduly audited balance sheetdummy
dummy accountdummy holderdummy industries
dummy local companydummy variabledumping
dumping chargesduplicating machinedurability
durabledurable capitaldurable goods
durablesduration of fluctuationsduration of the budget cycle
dutyduty listduty paid price
duty-freeduty-free processing zonedwelling
dwelling unitdwellingsdynamic input-output model
dynamic programming  

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