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Wire Transfers

Написано J4 | Mon, Jul 17 at 06:10am:

Wire Transfers:
Account Holder may, upon verification of signature or upon
identification satisfactory to Bank, authorize wire transfers to
and from the Account. All outgoing wire transfers must be
between accounts on which the account holder is an owner. No
third-party requests will be processed. Such wire transfers will
be subject to Federal Reserve Board Regulation J, which
governs wire transfers through the Fedwire system. Wire
transfer instructions received by 12:00 noon Eastern Time (ET)
will be processed the same day. Wire transfer instructions
received after 12:00 noon ET will be processed the next
business day.

Избранное из E*TRADE BANK Depository Agreement (Part I, General Rules Applicable to All Accounts, Wire Transfers).

Цитирую потому, что видел тут сообщения о проблемах с переводами от третьих лиц. Как видите, проблема носит более общий характер. Речь то тут идет про банк. Надо бы ознакомиться с этим Federal Reserve Board Regulation J.

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Wire Transfers - J4 on Mon, Jul 17 at 06:10am


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