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What to do - answer

Написано Morrgan | Fri, Apr 14 at 3:33pm:

Good night, gentlemens,

Looks - not so poorly:

"Today we are moving our Ones to Watch portfolio from 100% cash back into
the equity markets. During the past few years that have been dominated by
the digital economy, we have not seen a percent decline in the NASDAQ
Composite of this magnitude. Most market corrections over the past few
years have been short-lived and have totaled a maximum of a 15% decline
from the highs in the NASDAQ Composite. This recent decline in the NASDAQ
has exceeded 30% and in our opinion, is an extremely rare situation caused
by many factors, two of which are particularly unusual and have magnified
the decline.

First, is problems with the SelectNet order execution system. SelectNet
is one of the leading platforms enabling traders to enter and exit stock
positions. As recently reported, online trading accounts for
approximately 30% of all volume of the NASDAQ Composite and NYSE. The
rapid sell-off in Internet stocks is causing order execution errors on the
SelectNet system, as it is ill-equipped to deal with the enormous volume
of transactions.

Secondly, as many investors use a large percentage of margin in their
trading accounts in order to purchase additional stock and as most
Internet stocks are 50% or more off their previous highs, a large
percentage of retail investors have received Margin Calls from their
brokerage firms which require them to sell some or all of their stock
positions immediately.

While these circumstances may occur in the future, we doubt that they will
occur in the midst of a market sell-off and cause such an amplification of
selling in the near future. Therefore, while our decision to move our
100% cash portfolio to a 100% equity portfolio may seem quite drastic,
please understand that in the future, we hope to provide you with a less
volatile model Internet stock portfolio and make changes to this portfolio
on a less frequent basis..."

It's from my ISN

Kind of regards,

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What to do - answer - Morrgan on Fri, Apr 14 at 3:33pm


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