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Написано Владимир | Sat, Oct 27 at 9:46pm:

www.loudeye.com www.activate.com
Cash Position: $60 million ($1.36/share)
Annual Burn: approx. $18 million
Discount to Current Cash Value: 68%
Discount to Q4 2002 Cash Estimate: 38%
"Loudeye is smart in this respect to acquiring assets for pennies on
dollar. The physical assets that have been built on Internet money, are
exceptional. I don't care what kind of shape (the BMW) is in, the scrap
is worth more than that. The deal is similar to buying a used BMW for

John Corcoran, a Boston analyst with CIBC World Markets, commenting on
Loudeye's purchase of Activate for $4 million last week ($0.06 on the
The same company that CMGI paid $65 million U.S. for in 1999 and
recently built
a state of the art digital production facility for $20 million.

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LOUD - Владимир on Sat, Oct 27 at 9:46pm


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