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осторожно! CSCO

Написано Сг | Sat, May 5 at 11:09pm:

Market Preview for Next Week
There's little in the way of earnings reports next week, although investors
will be watching Cisco System's [CSCO] third-quarter results on Tuesday.
The networking giant is expected to report earnings of $0.02 a share,
compared with $0.14 during the same period last year. Cisco missed
estimates for its second quarter and warned third-quarter results would
fall short of forecasts. Analysts on Tuesday will likely dissect the
company's $2.5 billion inventory write-down, looking at what products will
be discontinued, its revenues by segments, its cash position and whether
Cisco will buy back shares. Shareholders are hoping for some decent forward
guidance, although Cisco said in April its slowdown has spread overseas and
will continue for at least three more quarters.

Other companies reporting next week include Metlife [MET], Global Crossing
[GX], Aetna [AET] and Activision [ATVI].

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan speaks about the financial safety net in
Chicago on Thursday. Investors will be looking for clues as to another rate
cut at the Fed Meeting on May 15, given Friday's weaker-than-expected
employment report for April.

Shares of IBM [IBM] could be on the move Thursday when the company holds an
analyst meeting. Goldman Sachs [GS] also holds an analyst meeting that day.

Xilinx [XLNX] holds an analyst meeting on Wednesday.

Genentech [DNA] after Friday's close said a federal jury has found that the
company's two lead cancer drugs do not infringe patents held by
GlaxoSmithKline [L.GSK].

Adaptive Broadband [ADAP] late Friday announced plans to reduce its
workforce by 60%.

Word On The Street
"The market is a bit tired after the run-up it has had," says Matthew
Johnson of Lehman Brothers [LEH].

я привел весь текст полностью, потому что он короток, содержит действительно выжимку грядущих событий и классную цитату в конце:
Big Boys утомились! :-))
мне как-то казалось, что эти не наедаются никогда;
м.б правда в пятницу была действительно сильная обжираловка на short squeeze'е :-)

Удачной торговли на следующей неделе
(оценка ситуации - на сайте, а мнение программ на масштабе День - неразбериха:
все в разные стороны)


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